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What I Do All Day When I Am Home With The Baby

I am, for now, a stay at home mother. People sometimes ask what exactly I do during the day and I never have any idea what…


10 Reasons Why Tiger Moms are TOTALLY AWESOME

There’s been a lot of talk about Tiger Moms in the news lately, and by “The News” I of course mean, “My Twitter feed and this…


An Exciting Night Out Without The Baby

Jonathan enters the restaurant grinning and sits down across from me. Jonathan:  Ready for our hot date? Me:  I know– look at us going out to…


The Wheels on the Bus: A Misleading View of Public Transit

If someone came up to me and said, “Hey– if you had a choice between listening to the song ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ for four…


A Breakdown of your Child’s Eating Patterns

(Click graphs to enlarge.) *               *               * SEVEN STARS FARM ORGANIC PLAIN WHOLE MILK YOGURT *               *               * ORGANIC ROASTED BEETS *               *               * TRADER JOE’S…



It’s January 1st as I begin typing this, and already I’ve made an avalanche of resolutions that I will never in a million years be able…