Attempts At Adulthood

And the Winner (of this contest going on in my apartment right now) is…

first word theuglyvolvo rocking chair

*          *          *

first word theuglyvolvo first papa

*          *          *

first word theuglyvolvo final mama

*          *          *

first word theuglyvolvo finalpapa

*          *          *

first word theuglyvolvo chair

*          *          *

first word theuglyvolvo bed

The End

*          *          *

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26 Responses to “And the Winner (of this contest going on in my apartment right now) is…”

  1. Jenny

    I was literally just going, “MAMA! WHERE’S MAMA!!” Like a crazy person. Thank you for helping me see the error of my ways. Dada it is!

  2. Elizabeth

    So funny! My son would not say mama forever. He even called my in-law’s dog, oliver, before he called me by name. He also called crackers Mama.

  3. Jess

    This is so my life right now except I have the little twist that “Mama” means bad things and sadness. “Dada” means games and fun.

  4. amandachwa

    Ha ha! Very funny…and true. Actually, “Papa” or “Baba” is easier to say than “Mama” linguistically, so a baby will say “Papa” first. Funny that mine still wants Mommy over Daddy, even though he has to say so through crying.

  5. LG

    Mine went appa before amma and I went through the exact same thoughts as the last-but-one frame – I thought I was the only one. The last frame however never happened – “appa” was always followed by squeals of laughter !

  6. Nancy N

    “Dada” was first in our house but now every man he meets is “Dada” and so are some of his stuffed animals. There is only one Mama 🙂

    • Jethrien

      I don’t know why we all know deep in our mammalian bones that that sound is a pterodactyl, but somehow we all know it.

      (Another mom at the park floated the idea that it’s because pretty much everyone who has a very small child right now imprinted on Jurassic Park when we were kids.)

  7. Marika

    Hilarious! The ‘high pitched pterodactyl’ was also present in our house, which was easily confused with the shriek for ‘let’s play!’ and ‘I’m being horribly murdered’. Babies are AWESOME, until they’re not.

  8. Melissa Redshaw

    Exactly the same thing that happens at our house! Glad to see I am not alone. And thank you for making me laugh and feel better about it all.

  9. Andrea

    Our first word was “kitty.” Which made sense after weeks of eating cat food and (shudder) cat litter whenever our backs were turned. So, yeah, you’re doing a damn good job. Keep it up, and don’t worry.

  10. bluesabriel

    We just finished a phase where my daughter only wanted her daddy when she needed middle of the night cuddles, to be held, etc. Reading the second-to-last panel, I feel like you were IN MY BRAIN. She’s 13 months today, and she’s MUCH better at saying dada than mama. Case in point:

    Husband: Say “mama”!
    Baby: Dada!
    Husband: Ma-ma.
    Baby: Dada!

    Repeat infinity times.


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