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9 Conversations About How My 15-Month-Old Son is Not Yet Walking

Will have a new post up on my own site early next week (and will be posting more regularly) but for now the latest post is…


Totally Cute Diaper Bags That Don’t Look Like Diaper Bags

There was a thing I did not know about before I had a baby, which was: “Diaper bags that do not look like diaper bags.” Do…


What I’d Really Like for Mother’s Day

Wrote a guest blog this week for on what I’d really like for mother’s day.  I in no way intended for it to come across…


Don’t worry, because I am so totally on top of my child’s health.

I try to be careful with my son’s health. Not crazily “I Purell my lips when I kiss him” careful, but careful, regardless.  It is hard,…