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9 Conversations About How My 15-Month-Old Son is Not Yet Walking

Will have a new post up on my own site early next week (and will be posting more regularly) but for now the latest post is up as a guest post on the Someecards/HappyPlace website.

The post is about how my kid is 15-months-old and still isn’t walking yet and look, he’s fine, he’s fine, I know he’s fine.  He crawls really quickly and he’ll walk as long as he’s holding onto things– but he’s not letting go and actually walking.   And yes, they say most kids start walking between 9 and 15 months but who wants to be tied down to all these schedules, right?   Kids are all different!  He’ll totally walk when he’s ready which is why I am NOT EVEN WORRIED ABOUT THIS EVEN AT ALL.  I’m totally not.   So don’t worry about it because obviously I’m not worried about it.


The link to the post is below:

9 Conversations About How My 15-Month-Old Son is Not Yet Walking


28 Responses to “9 Conversations About How My 15-Month-Old Son is Not Yet Walking”

  1. hthrb

    great post! we have almost the same conversations about why my 18 month old son isn’t talking yet 🙂

  2. aprildemes

    My second daughter didn’t walk until 16 months, and she’s the smartest, cutest, most bubbly to the point of annoying twelve year old you could find.

  3. Tempest Rose

    My son did everything early except for walk. He actually started walking at 15 months. And every single one of my parent-friends mentioned how THEIR kid started walking SOOO much earlier. Go screw yourself, parent friends. My kid may not be walking, but he can tell you to fuck off.

  4. jdawgswords

    ok folks..i’m not a dad but my x/now-bestie had 4 kids…i’ve known her for 13yr…sooo…let me be the opposite of most commenters…kids are all different…some small, some huge, i have seen kids walking at 10mo and talking at 12mo…EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT!!! comparing juniors is dangerous…i saw a child who didn’t say a word until 3yr; she is now a chemical engineer at 22yr…the side effect of advances in medical technology seems to be a generation of worry warts…enjoy the kiddos, let ’em get dirty, let ’em crawl, let ’em be silent…take a million pics and a million hours of video…hug ’em often, love ’em bunchs…RELAX folks, the kids are ok!!!

  5. Monica

    16 months, almost 17 before mine walked on her own. The funniest part is we sat down to try and while I was getting the camera ready, she took off across the room! They all go at their own paces, if he’s hit the other milestones, then he’s fine. She actually had (still has) some gross motor skills issues, and had been getting physical therapy until around this point. Now, I get to worry about scrapes and bruises as she’s climbing EVERYTHING 🙂

  6. Monica

    And I repeat that all because even though I knew it was fine and everyone said it was fine, I could never even make a joke about it without reassuring people AND NOW I SEE WHY. Excuse me, I need to go find a pregnant woman and tell her some labor horror stories.

  7. limey7

    9 Reasons to be grateful your kid isn’t walking yet
    1. He can’t get far real quick
    2. Walking has been linked to falling over.
    3. Walking inevitably leads to running, and you will never catch him then.
    4. Walking is an essential part of “walking out with girls” and that’s WAY too soon.
    5. Walking too soon leads to bow-legs, at least that’s what my grandmother says.
    6. Less wear on shoes, which are expensive.
    7. If he walks off, no one can see how cute he is.
    8. How can he pay attention to the expensive Japanese tutor if he keeps walking off.
    9. He should learn now to stay around an intelligent woman instead of walking off and having fun with other boy’s.

  8. Virginia Dent

    My daughter worried because my grandson wasn’t walking yet. I assured her that. although she had walked at 14 months her older sister had been 16 months when she started walking. And, lo and behold August took his first steps on Memorial Day week-end at 16 months and one week. He walks beautifully, and not like a drunken sailor, because he waited until he felt he could balance. They walk when they are ready to walk, and as far as I’m concerned, later is better.

  9. mrsnancybrown

    I feel your pain. Obviously not that there is any. Because its fine. Totally. I’m ok that all his friends are walking. I was so confident he would be an early walker. He crawled early, and at 7 months could walk along holding his push truck. But there he has stayed. People keep saying ‘oh, he’ll be walking so soon- look at his cruising’. Or…. Not.
    But look at all the words he can say (sort of!)

  10. haleyduke17

    He will walk eventually. If he gets around really easily crawling, that’s probably why he hasn’t attempted to walk. My daughter never really crawled because she scooted and rolled everywhere. We have hard wood floors and I think the crawling hurt her knees. Maybe encourage him by taking him to other surfaces that might be uncomfortable to crawl.

  11. April C.

    I’m with Limey7. Kids become full of theirselves when they start walking. My daughter now doesn’t like to hold hands when we walk outside which leads to an argument. Every. Single. Time. Obviously, I speak more clearly than an 11 month old so to everyone that passes by us sees a tiny nutcase flailing her arms and yelling “NONONO!” and growling at the evil mother who is hissing “gimiyerhanrinow!”.

  12. klrkatsmeow

    Lovely post! My son is just about 15 months and he is just now discovering he can walk unassisted. He’d rather crawl because he does it at the speed of light…I’d rather he walk because I can catch him quicker. Although since it took him all of one day to master crawling I don’t want to imagine when he will discover he can run.
    We enter a dangerous zone! The later the better I say!! =)

  13. thingsheatherlearnedtoday

    So, I can totally relate to this. My son is 17 months old and not walking or even pulling up yet. He is actually getting physical therapy once a week, because the doctor got concerned. The physical therapist doesn’t think anything is wrong with him, he just doesn’t seem to want to walk. Oh, and he doesn’t crawl either. He scoots on his booty. I cannot tell you how many people I have felt the need to explain this to. “He doesn’t walk yet. He’s actually getting physical therapy. There’s nothing wrong with him, though! I’m sure he will walk soon.” I feel like a horrible failure of a mother every time I give this speech. My head knows he will walk eventually and no one is judging me and thinking I’m a terrible mother, but my heart breaks every time someone informs me their child/grandchild/nephew began walking at 9 months. I secretly want to kick them in the shin and walk away. “Now you can’t walk good, and you’re grown-up! Ha!” I might have some problems…

  14. Jennifer Fry

    Oh lawd! I remember that my son is 4 he did not walk til 15 months and barely said a word til he was 3. He potty trained at 3 like a champ though! He still talks a lil silly n I find myself having the same convoz about that.

  15. gorillamums

    Every child develops at their own pace, he’ll walk when he’s ready (posted ironically – please don’t smash your computer)

  16. Sandy

    Isn’t late walking a sign that you kid will become an engineer?

  17. kittenears

    Oh man. Both mine were early walkers (8 and 9 months, respectively). Yes, I’m serious. No, I’m not proud of it. This tiny little bug teetering across the living room!? GOT INTO EVERYTHING. Oh my goodness, as soon as they WALK… they CLIMB. No thank you. That’s a whole ‘nother set of heart attacks.

    But my older son was a late talker. Intelligent, just preferred to listen and understand first. He’s still that way. Every kid is different, it’s all good. He’s just other things he’s more interested in right now.

  18. bluesabriel

    Oh my God. I am the queen of comparing my 16-month-old daughter’s development to every other child her age. I always feel absolutely terrible and I know I shouldn’t, but it is SO hard. Also, to myself at her age, based on my mother’s reports. I did everything crazy early, my daughter is paring pretty much everything.


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